Light Tower for Sale Exceeds Expectation

January 20th, 2016

Our Best Light Tower for Sale

Mobilight’s unique Environmentally Friendly hybrid light tower for sale at this years show and expo is exciting in many ways.  Especially where there is a need to provide dependable high quality lighting and power 24 hours a day.  During sunlight hours the four, 300 watt solar panels charge an array of long life batteries.  If set to automatic mode, when light levels drop, the high intensity LED flood lights automatically turn on using the battery power.  Once the battery energy drops below a preset point, the Kubota diesel engine automatically starts up and simultaneously runs the lights and charges the batteries.  When the batteries are fully charged, the engine shuts down and the lights continue to operate using the energy from the freshly charged batteries.

Hybrid light tower for sale

Field studies have shown that the engine rarely operates more than 2 hours during the night even when the lights are  running all night long.  Diesel engines generally consume up to a gallon of fuel per hour.  This means that standard diesel only light towers must be refilled at least every other day when operating all night. Any hybrid light tower for sale now at Mobilight  need only be refueled two or three times a month.  It is not hard to see the huge fuel and labor savings as well as a greatly reduced carbon footprint. Field tests show the yearly savings to be near $33,000 per year per tower.  That is the simple reason why so many oil field and mining operations are replacing their light towers with Mobilight’s environmentally green and friendly light towers. Another great advantage of the hybrid light towers is that they are highly visible.   The impressive 4 panel solar array makes a loud and clear statement that your company is being environmentally responsible and that your company cares about the communities near your site.  Hybrid field study