Solar 500 T Comm

twin solar tandem close up

The Solar 500 T Comm is based off our mine spec frame. The full bank of batteries can power your radio up to a week without sunlight. Antennas may be mounted as high as 25′ and the hydraulic mast is easy and quick to deploy. The twin solar panels allow for efficient and increased charge. As a CAT preferred product these units make it easy for communication companies to set up and deploy their radio products.

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  • 1800 mm Frame
  • Dual 3500lb rated axles
  • 7M mast with 1.5″ pipe radio mount
  • (8) 6v agm batteries
  • MPPT Solar Charge controller
  • Solar meter
  • (2)250W Solar panel
  • IP66 Electrical enclosure
  • 15″ Wheel and tires
  • 4 Horizontal stabilizer legs
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